Why our experience and the object we experience are one

Step 5: One's experience is the object one experiences

Where and what is one's experience of an object?

One's experience of an object is the object one experiences

The above claim is not a philosophical exercise but a testable empirical hypothesis with falsifiable outcomes. Furthermore, it is all the Spread Mind has to say about what the mind is. The rest of the theory is about what the object is.

Example. Riccardo looks at an apple on a table. The red apple is red, round, and applish. It is not the mathematical model that physics deals with, but rather the real thing.

The apple is the only thing that has the properties of Riccardo’s experience. Science's version of an object is a set of abstract equations — nobody experiences an apple the way physics describes it. As for Riccardo’s neural activity, it is gooey and brainy. Neural activity does not even remotely resemble his experience of an apple!

On the other hand, the apple on the table is just like the experience of the apple — it is red, round and applish. So, which is Riccardo's experience? The conclusion is obvious!

Riccardo's experience is the object Riccardo experiences.

In general ...

One's experience is the object one experiences.

The red apple has all the properties of one's experience of the red apple. Furthermore, apples are no less physical than brains. Nothing prevents us from embracing the object solution.

Riccardo Manzotti, January 27, 2015, (updated December 25st)