Why our experience and the object we experience are one

Step 12: I am world!

The problem of consciousness is hard only if one starts from the wrong assumptions. The Spread Mind offers a radical departure from old views. The theory is summarize by the following diagram.


The solution to the problem of consciousness is very simple — consciousness is identical with the external object one perceives. There is no need to add qualia, phenomenal properties, mental domains, or inner worlds. Scholars introduced such notions to safeguard the separation between an ideal object and a subject, which, in turn, has erroneously placed the mind inside one's body.

Yet, if we are no longer inside our brains, we must ask: what and where are we?

My answer is unambiguous:

Our consciousness of the world is the world we experience.

Our mind is made of what lies outside our bodies. The Spread Mind is a physicalist theory — it suggests that the thing we are is physical, but it is not our body. By means of our bodies, the mind is a collection of objects producing a joint effect.

Thus, the mind looses the special place that we believed it had. In exchange, we gain a more authentic notion of what we are and, even more importantly, of what nature is.

Riccardo Manzotti, January 27, 2015 (updated December 25st)