Why our experience and the object we experience are one

The Spread Mind: Consciousness is the physical object one perceives

The Spread Mind is a theory both of consciousness and of nature. According to this view, one's consciousness is not inside's one's body. Rather, it is the physical object outside one's body.

Example. Riccardo looks at the red apple on his table. There are two objects: his body and the red apple. There is also a third entity, which is Riccardo's experience.

Which physical phenomenon is Riccardo's consciousness? Riccardo's experience of the red apple is red, round, and applish. The red apple is red, round, and applish! Riccardo's brain is gooey and brainy. Which is more like Riccardo's experience? Riccardo's brain or the red apple?

The Spread Mind's reply is straightforward:

Riccardo's experience of the red apple is the red apple

This is the key idea that marks a radical departure from past and current views. The Spread Mind is not only a theory about what consciousness is but, crucially, also a theory about what objects are.

One's consciousness is not what goes on inside one's brain. One's consciousness is the physical object one is conscious of.

Riccardo Manzotti, January 27, 2015, (updated November 6)