Why our experience and the object we experience are one

Box 8

We are not that special! the dethroning of man

While the idea that our brains are special is very flattering, the universe does not seem to care too much. If we look around, we do not see anything special. Everything is just made of matter, energy and their combinations. In the past, our delusional notion of being special received three serious blows:

  • the Earth is not at the center of the earth
  • Homo Sapiens is not the pinnacle of the animal kingdom
  • life is not a special fluid extraneous to chemistry

These three progressive dethronings are traditionally charged to eliocentrism, natural evolution, and DNA-based biology. There is only one factor that still offers some confort to our desire to be special in the universe — namely, the mind! No surprise that a lot of people struggle to keep it that way.

To be completed...

Riccardo Manzotti, 27 January 2015